President and CEO Yukoh Matsumoto, Ph.D
(Information Science)

Founder and Microprocessor Architect, Inventor of the TOPSTREAM™ Architecture.

Dr. Yukoh Matsumoto is the founder, chief architect, and president and CEO of TOPS Systems Corp.

Yukoh Matsumoto founded TOPS Systems in 1999, and invented the world first Heterogeneous Multi-Core processor TOPSTREAM™ Architecture in 2001. He leaded several application domain specific high-performance and low-power microprocessors based on TOPSTREAM™ Architecture.

Currently, he leads “3D stacked heterogeneous Multi-Processor chip project” funded by NEDO, as well as “Ultra-Android project”, embedded software platform to utilize heterogeneous Multi-Core processors, sponsored by METI.

In his 24 years of carrier, he has architected and designed over 10 microprocessors, such as advanced Multi-Core processors, x86 microprocessors, and DSPs. He received the Takeda Techno-Entrepreneurship Award in 2001. Prior to TOPS Systems, he co-founded TOPS Corp. in 1997 with Dr. Shima who is known as an inventor of world first microprocessor4004 at Intel. Prior to TOPS he was a researcher at TI Tsukuba R&D Center. Before that he worked at TI, Dallas TX., for 4 years as a lead architect of an advanced superscalar microprocessor, where he developed micro-architecture for instruction pipeline, branch prediction, cache, and memory management units. Before TI he worked for V.M. Technology for five years, and developed several x86-compatible microprocessors. He started his carrier with TI Japan in 1986, as a design engineer of DSP.

He received the Dr. of Information Sciences (the Ph.D.) degree from the Graduate School of Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, in 2007 and participated in the MOT (Management of Technology) program at the Graduate School of Engineering in Tokyo University from 2004 through 2005. He received the B.E.E.E. and M.E.E.E. from Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan, in 1984 and 1986, respectively.